Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mysterious monument is proof there was once life on Mars. UFO And Alien News Updates.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took this photo of a monolith that was discovered on the surface of Mars. This object even has the shadow the revels that it is in fact standing upright. This has all the signs of being a structure made by an intelligent being. How much more evidence do we have to have before we are buried alive in it? With so much evidence clearly there are powerful forces at work to keep all this secret. 




  1. Im sorry I just don't see it... it would be sweet if there was, but there is no evidence of anything abnormal in this pic. Earth has natural free-standing "monoliths".

  2. Your taxes go to NASA and NASA in return for your money does everything to deceive you and to hide fact from you, the taxpayer and you do nothing about that?


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